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The following is a list of interactive forms. These forms may be downloaded or completed online and printed. To complete a form directly in your web-browser, click the "FORM DESCRIPTION" to load it, then "Tab" through the form and fill in the appropriate information.

Before using any of the forms, please read the disclaimer below.

General Probate Forms

1101 Waiver of Notice (105kb) 01/16
1102 Proof of Execution of Will (50kb) 01/16
1103 Petition for Administration of a Small Estate (169kb) 01/16
1104 List of Interested Persons (77kb) 01/16
1106 Appointment of Resident Agent (122kb) 01/16
1108 Order for Small Estate (292kb) 07/11
1109 Small Estate Notice of Appointment Notice to Creditors Notice to Unknown Heirs (102kb) 07/21
1110 Notice of Interested Persons (49kb) 11/09
1112 Petition for Administration of Regular Estate (174k) 01/16
1113 Notice of Judicial Probate (65kb) 11/09
1114 Notice of Appointment Notice to Creditors Notice to Unknown Heirs (83kb) 07/21
1115 Bond of Personal Representative (55kb) 11/09
1116 Nominal Bond of Personal Representative (54kb) 11/09
1117 Waiver of Bond (60kb) 01/16
1118 Consent to Appointment of Personal Representative (61kb) 01/16
1119 Administrative Probate Order (63kb) 11/09
1121 Personal Representative's Acceptance and Consent (68kb) 01/16
1122 Inventory Summary and Supporting Schedule (328kb) 01/16
1123 Inventory Supporting Schedule (268kb) 11/09
1124 Information Report (88kb) 01/16
1125 Application to Fix Inheritance Tax on Non-Probate Assets (92kb) 01/16
Election to Take Elective Share of Estate (Spouse) (178kb)
Election to Take Elective Share of Estate (Other) (599kb)
1127 Notice of Extension of Time to Elect Statutory Share (615kb) 07/21
1128 Claim Against Decedent's Estate (71kb) 01/16
1129 Notice of Disallowance (18kb) 07/21
1130 Petition and Order for Funeral Expenses (106kb) 01/16
1131 Notice of Caveat (69kb) 04/17
1132 Public Notice of Caveat (62kb) 04/17
1133 Application by Foreign Personal Representative to Set Inheritance Tax (117kb) 01/16
1134 Notice to Creditors of Appointment of Foreign Personal Representative (280kb) 07/21
1135 Petition for Administration of a Will of No Estate (117kb) 01/16
1136 Regular Estate Schedule A (59kb) 05/13
1137 Small Estate Schedule B (81kb) 01/16
1138 Consent to Compensation for Personal Representative and/or Attorney - Blank Form (176kb)
Consent to Compensation for Personal Representative and/or Attorney - Calculated Form (104kb)
1140 Claim for Refund of Tax Erroneously Paid (34kb) 07/14
1141 Election of Personal Representative for Modified Administration (549kb) 01/16
1142 Consent to Election for Modified Administration (544kb) 01/16
1143 Final Report Under Modified Administration with Certificate of Service (Form 1144) (585kb) 06/18
1144 Certificate of Service of Final Report Under Modified Administration (529kb) 01/16
1146 Consent to Extend Time to File Final Report and to Make Distribution in a Modified Administration (262kb) 11/09
1147 Petition for Limited Orders (529kb) 01/16
1148 Schedule C Request for Limited Order (531kb) 01/16
1149 Limited Order to Locate Will (520kb) 04/17
1150 Limited Order to Locate Assets (265kb) 04/17
1151 Affidavit of Attempts to Contact, Locate, and Identify Interested Persons (1,461kb) 01/16
1152 Request for and Consent to Further Extend Time to File a Final Report and to Make Distribution in a Modified Administration (952kb) 01/16
NEW 1153 Affidavit of Attempt to Comply with Federal, State, and Local Laws Related to Firearms, Ammunition, and Destructive Devices (55kb)
IMPORTANT: Form RW1153 is required when filing a Schedule B, a Final Report Under Modified Administration, an Interim Account, or a Final Account that reports the disposition of firearms, ammunition, or destructive devices.
1220 Request for Waiver of Fees (22kb) 10/19
1243 Petition to Distribute Subsequently Discovered Check (79kb) 08/22
1285 Certificate of Service (24kb) 10/17
1429 Consent to Probate of Copy of Executed Last Will and Testament (546kb) 01/16
1430 Petition for Admission of Copy of Executed Last Will and Testament (521kb) 01/16
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New Estate Packets

Forms List Modified Administration Packet (620kb) 02/16
Forms List Regular Estate Packet (587kb) 07/21
Forms List Small Estate Packet (523kb) 07/23
Forms List Limited Order Packet (181kb) 02/16
Forms List Foreign Proceedings Packet (299kb) 07/21
Update List Describes recent revisions to the forms 07/23
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Guardianship Forms

1313 Petition for Guardianship of Minor (CC-GN-001) 01/20
1318 Guardianship Inventory and Information Report (CC-GN-011) 01/20
1319 Proof of Restricted Guardianship Account (CC-GN-024) 12/17
1320 Guardian's Account (CC-GN-012) 01/20
1321 Petition for Termination of Guardianship of the Property (CC-GN-029) 06/19
1342 Annual Report of Guardian of the Person (CC-GN-014) 01/20
Updated Guardianship forms are available on the Maryland Courts website.
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  • These documents are provided "as-is" and without warranty of any kind.
  • You are fully and solely responsible for your use of them and for any results or consequences of your use.
  • They are provided free of charge.
  • They are available for you to download for your own use.
  • You may not publish them or sell them for profit.
  • They may not be altered in any way.
  • The forms are revised as required by changes to Maryland Law. Note the date on the form(s) you are using and check back often to ensure you have the latest version. Outdated forms may not be accepted.
  • Forms that have been translated into a language other than English can not be accepted.
  • We can not accept filings via e-mail or fax.
  • Original signatures are required on all forms.
  • Forms with electronic signatures will not be accepted.
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Important Notice

The forms are in "PDF" format, thereby requiring Adobe Reader software to be installed on your computer. Version 11, or higher, of Adobe Reader is recommended. Functionality may be limited with older versions.

Adobe Reader is available free of charge at Adobe.comAcrobat